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Black Hawk Stunt Kite

Black Hawk Stunt Kite Great all-rounder with wide wind range and powerful performance. Size: 183 x 94cm Lines: 2 x

Boomer II Stunt Kite

Boomer II Popular medium sized entry level stunt kite suitable for all ages. Size: 160 x 76cm Lines: 2 x

HQ “Arrow M” Stunt Kite

Original price was: R2039,99.Current price is: R1899,99.
HQ “Arrow M” Stunt Kite Arrow M – high speed combined with manageable power. Pilots seeking these attributes will immediately take

HQ Little Arrow Stunt Kite

HQ Little Arrow The Little Arrow flies fast, really fast. While flying the Little Arrow, the pilots can go to

HQ Meteor “Quad” Acrobatic Kite

Original price was: R1999,00.Current price is: R1799,99.
HQ Meteor “Quad” Acrobatic Kite Flying clean and straight lines as if on rails, amazing forward and reverse flights, hovers,

HQ Mojo Rainbow Acrobatic Kite

Original price was: R2719,00.Current price is: R2599,00.
Mojo Volcano Acrobatic Trick Kite A unique, crisscrossing spar configuration creates a leading edge that is extremely sturdy and absorbs

HQ Stormy Pete Stunt Kite

HQ Stormy Pete Stunt Kite Stormy Pete flies like it looks – quick and exciting. High speeds, tight spins and

Leisure Stunt Kite

Leisure IILeisure copy Enhanced Great entry-level stunt kite with solid suitable for all ages. Improved flying charateristics and upgraded flying

Nexus Pro Trick Kite

Nexus Pro Trick KiteNexus Pro Enhanced Large size stunt / trick kite with beautiful “stain glass” patchwork colours, kitted with

Vector Stunt Kite

Vector Large stunt kite which flies particularly well in light wind conditions. The Vector responds accurately and quickly to the smallest