Stunt Kites

Welcome to the dynamic sport of stunt kite flying! Stunt kites use two flying lines which allow the handler to control the direction and movements of the kite allowing the pilot to flying challenging patterns. What an exciting way to spend the "bad" weather days at the beach than to test your ability to fly precision tricks .

Our range of kites will test your reflexes to the limit, whether you are into radical tricks and precision or simply wanting some traction. Our range encorporates a wide vaireity of stunt kites right from the entry level for the beginners to the more advanced kites for more experienced handlers.




The fastest kite in the range! The kites potential for fun is incredible. Its unique twin keel, high end wind range, robust frame and speed in flight makes the Whizz stand out! Whizz starts flying at winds of 11km/h  - just watc it go. It stays steady on course in gusty inland winds. Screaming spins occur at 35km/h winds and more. A flexible keel mounting amd cambered leading edge guarantee smooth acceleration for pleasant feedback. Yet Whizz is demanding, always requiring your attention in its quest for constant movement. Not for children under 16yrs!


Note this kite is not normally supplied with Flying Lines. If purchasing this Kite you will need to indicate if you require flying lines and an additional charge of R326-00

  • Size: 190 x 68cm
  • Sail: Ripstop Polyester + Mylar
  • Lines: 2 x 25m, 100kg Dyneema in separate Pack included
  • Frame: 6 mm carbon-fibreglass hybrid
  • Speed: 10/10
  • Power: 9/10
  • Wind range: 11-70km/h


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