Single Line Kites

Present day aviation owes its roots to the simple kite. Early airplanes resembled box kites and the delta wing design is evident in modern jet fighters. Defying gravity, the kite is a symbol of freedom allowing your spirit to soar on the wings of a kite.

King Fisher


The King Fisher is a bright attractive kite with excellent high stability in a wide wind range. The delta wing shape coupled with the centre stabilising half tube results in a kite that is difficult to budge off course.

This kite can be used for off-shore wind kite fishing, in conjunction with stronger line (separate order) due to its strong pull and stable flight. Aerial photography is possible with the kite being anble to lift a pay load of 250gram at Wind Speed 12km/h

  • Size: 213 x 75cm
  • Line: 28kg x 25m on handle
  • Frame: 4mm F/G
  • Wind Speed Range: 5 km/h - 40km/h





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