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These powerful parafoil kites are ideal for sand skiing, buggying, body surfing or just for a full body workout. These kites come in various sizes suitable for all ages, builds and skill levels allowing you to take advantage of

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the RS Radsails 150pxawesome power of the wind.The multi coloured parafoils are ideal if you are looking for a compact stunt kite that you can take anywhere. No spars to break and easy to fly, these kites are great for youngsters.

Hi-Fly Kites are the sole distributors of Eolo Sport range of power kites and recently HQ Power Kites in Southern Africa.

Beamer V 4.0 Main Image

HQ beamer v 4.0M2

In the world of power kiting, the quad-handled Beamer is an icon. Renowned for its stable handling and high quality construction, the Beamer is pefect for all skill levels seeking predictable power with minimal hassles. Kite comes complete with Quad Handles, Dyneema line set, Kite Killer and ground stake all fitted into a handy back pack.

Features of the Beamer V 4.0m2

  • Flat Span: 374cm
  • Surface: 4.0m²
  • Material: Ripstop Nylon
  • Speed: 6/10
  • Power: 8/10
  • Wind range: 6-44 km/h (3-27mph)
  • Control Line: 2 x 20m, 220kg Dyneema
  • Brake Line: 2 x 20m, 100kg Dyneemahq logo web 150px bg white


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