All Terrain Boards (ATB's)

All Terrain Boards or Moutain Boards are exciting enhancements to sport of Power Kiting. On their own, they can be used for downhill skating but for the power kiter, it is the equivalent of Land Surfing.

"Assassin" All Terrain BoardRaid Assasin Main

The perfect tool to amp up your excitement with your power kite. These ATB's are made in Europe with excellent craftsmaship to create an exciting accessory to your power kiting. Adrenaline pumping speeds, jumping and sliding turns can be achieved under the power of the wind.

Assassin Technical Details

  • Wood/Composite deck with greater "Pop" and striking graphics
  • Hollow 12mm axle skate truck
  • Relatively Low weight facilitates demanding rides
  • Comfort enhanced velcro bindings
  • 8" Tyres
  • For Riders up to 90kg

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