From time to time, we list kites on special. These kites are usually our Demo kites which have been flown for demonstration at various functions or Kites that have minor repairs. These kites are almost brand new and are 100% fit to fly and are value for money for those who may be on a tight budget and cannot afford a new kite. The kites come with the same after sales service a those sold new.

Demo RS Intro 1.8


Demo kites may have been flown before as samples for demonstration or returned kites that have undergone minor repairs. All demo kites are Ready to Fly and will perform and look as new.

No spars to break and easy to fly, this is a well built, bright coloured starter kite for young and old to learn how to fly power kites.

  • Area: 1.8m2
  • Speed: 6/10
  • Power: 3/10
  • Wind range: 8-50km/h
  • Wrist Straps (AC100)


R999.95 R749.96
SKU: DEMO 5537




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