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Stunt Kite Manual (Part 3)

Flying a stunt kite guide

Controlling the kite is like riding a bike! Pull the left control line and the kite will turn left. Pulling the right control line will make the kite steer right. These are known as pull turns. Once you have had a little experience in doing pull turns try doing push turns. Remember if you push your right hand forward the kite will turn left and vice versa and will turn faster than a pull turn. Even the most complicated maneuvers are just a combination of these 2 movements. If you keep the left-hand line pulled the kite will do a complete circle.

Picture on the below depicts what are commonly known as pull turns:

1. Even tension on lines and kite climbs straight.
2. Increase right hand tension. Kite turns to the right.
3. Maintain right hand tension. Kite describes a right hand loop.
4. Left hand tension turns kite to the left and if maintained will uncross lines.

The kite will tend to pull more in the centre of the wind window (power zone) anticipate this increase in pull and lean back to take the strain.

Line twists while flying are inevitable and are caused by turning (loops) in one direction continually. Do not panic! Up to, a dozen or more twists
in your lines will have little effect on the kite or on how it flies. To get rid of twists simply turn (loop) the kite in the other direction until the twists are undone.

Remember that although stunters are designed to be highly resistant to impacts with the ground, such collisions do take their toll and in the long run will shorten the life of your new prized possession. In other words unscheduled landings at inappropriate angles and at high speeds should be avoided. Do not attempt new maneuvers close to the ground! 2
While flying keep you arms at your side, large arm movements or holding your hands high in the sky will do nothing to help your kite fly, try to keep you hand motions smooth and gentle.

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