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Power Kite Manual (Part 2)

Equipment commonly used with power kites

Power Kites


Power kites or parafoils are designed for traction.

They come in a wide range of sizes. Your weight, the wind you intend to fly in and the type of power you need to generate will dictate the size of kite you need.

Power kites have either two lines or four lines. The two line variety give the truest pull. The four line kites require a different technique to fly, the additional two lines act as brakes. The most commonly used kites are the two line variety.


These usually have 3 wheels with a sling seat that is set very low to keep your centre of gravity low.

Made with a stainless steel frame and inflatable tyres



Sand Skis

There are a lot of different types of sand skis. Generally they look like snow skis but with a shorter ski.

The foot attachments can either be in the form of boots or slip in straps.

The ski itself is either made of a highly varnished hard wood or composite resign.


Land Boards

These look like really big skateboards.

They have large inflatable wheels.

The boards are usually made of laminated wood and carbon composites that are very flexible and durable.


Accessories – Helmets

A helmet is always a good idea especially when learning.




Accessories – Harness

Land harness with quick release is both a comfort and safety issue.

It has a quick release mechanism for instant disconnection from the kite in an emergency situation and is designed to remove the strain from your lower back and place the center of pull closer to your own center of gravity.


Accessories – Pads

When land boarding or sand skiing, elbow and knee guards are essential.

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