Making Kites

Kite Assembly

Kite Assembly

Prior to assembly wing and spine fittings need to be prepared, fibreglass spars cut to size and the required no of bridle lines measured and cut to size. The skin is then fitted with the trailing edge stand-off connectors and then fully assembled. The bridles are attached and set. The kite then goes for one final check before packing.

The following items are checked now that the kite is fully assembled and the fabric is taught:

  • General observation of the kite looking for unusual creases or distortions in the skin.
  • Check pockets, reinforcements and ensure stitching is secure.
  • Check leading edge sleeve making sure sewing is accurate and evenly tensioned.
  • Check leading edge fittings, spine fitting, stand-off connectors.
  • Make sure end caps have been fitted to the end of the spine spar.
  • Check bridle knots.
  • Check bridle measurements and bridle settings.

Once the kite has passed the final check it is sent on to be packed.

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