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Ultimate Discs

The sport of Ultimate is growing fast in schools and universities around South Africa. Shop online for your favourite colour or purchase the official white disc for your local clubs. Contact us for specail requests and we wil see if we can meet your needs.





Glow Ultrastar Discraft Ultrastar 175g - Nite-Glo

Back in Stock!!

The official disc used in USA Ultimate Frisbee championships. The world standard for the sport of Ultimate. With its contoured grip and aerodynamic engineering, Ultrastar has set the standard for quality, consistency and performance since its intorduction in 1981.

The Nite-Glow disc can be used at night  - charge it up with some bright light and you can continue your games at night! 

  • accurate straight flight
  • durable build
  • weight 175g
  • Diamter 273mm (10.75")



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